LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 App Reviews

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It is not working

The game freezes at the animation scenes!

Always crashing

Payed a lot of money for an old game that crashes everytime I try to play.

App crashes all the time

I dont know if it only has been due to the recent iOS 10 Update, but I cannot get past 15% of the first year, because the game crashes. Hope it gets fixed...

Game crashes on iphone7

Please fix that game crashes when quitting the first quest (find dudleys presents). when i tab the arrow the game crashes. seems to be a funny game but hard to say with that bug

So awesome

buy immediatly

Great Game

The game play is fun and the controls are easy to use. I find this game will be good for Harry Potter/Lego fans.

Power prawn 70584

Great game I have all the movies buy this game

Need help

Cant get pass the levitation of the feather at beginning of game so can not progress anywhere. Would be nice to have a help section or pass section on this. Paid too much for game $4.99 to just sit at same spot 10 minutes into game. Please give options to move on.


I bought this game for my nine year old daughter. She was so excited. She just pressed "start" and it froze. Later she tried again and it worked until she came to the charms classroom. When she tried " wingardium leviosa " it would not work. Very disappointed.


Good game, I would give five stars but the D-Pad controls need to be a bit bigger.

Good game !!

Its a great game good graphics for an iPhone too ... Only problem is , for episode one , "Griffindor house" I am not able to move at all , the game is still running . Im just stuck standing still .... Fix it please !!! I want to enjoy the rest of the game


A perfect game for everyone, even if you dont know much about Harry potter. I also admire the length, its not like most games that you beat in a day. I still havent completed it! :) I think its great game with lots of detail!


I love this game. It has so many cool features and has very easy controls. I like the different spells and love the picture. It is so easy to see what is on the screen. All in all, it is a great game.


Great app but too many bugs like the game keeps forcing me to go to the left and keep walking into walls and it saved up to the part were your looking into the mirror and dumbuldore catches us but then I wont save it takes me back like 4 levels pls fix but other than the millions of bugs the game is awful awful awful


It keeps crashing right after I catch all the rates right at the beginning please fix then I will ve 5 stars other than that I love it

Keeps crashing

Always crashes in ep 1 when I catch the rats for shop keeper when waiting for gringots to open


THIS Game is the most boring game ive ever played

It crashes

Dont bother buying the game because I cant even finish the first part with the rats.

Make the game fit the whole screen on the iPod touch 5

Great game but its a real bummer that the game is not viewed to it full potential.


Iv bought this game havnt played it yet .. Just wondering why its taking so long to download my phone is brand new

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