LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 App Reviews

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Always crashing

Payed a lot of money for an old game that crashes everytime I try to play.

Wont let me play without shutting down

I know the game is fun because Ive played it before on a different device. On my iPhone it wont stay open long enough for me to play. The app shuts down every time I try to talk to someone about a task. I cant seem to find a fix for it online either.

What happened?!?!

Since the "bug fixes" my game has been crashing! Anytime I try to back out of a menu it exits the game completely and I have to start all over!! Fix this! I used to play this nonstop but now I cant


Every single time i try to get to dudlys presents it glitches and exits the game. I want my money back.i cant get past that part. i"ve tryed everything. i"ve restarted the game and my phone but nothing is working. I am very disappointed because i love the books and movies and want to play the game but sadly it doesint work. WASTE OF MY TIME!!!

Please update...

I just re downloaded to my new iPhone 7 and can not continue playing because the app just crashes every time I open it


This game looks like its gonna be extremely fun. However, it crashes on my 6s every time I open something up or as soon as I get instructions from uncle Vernon to find dudleys presents. Id hate to have wasted $5 on this.

Great...if I could play the game

Keeps crashing whenever I do anything. It took me three tries to do the present quest at the Dursleys. I cant seem to get Hagrid to rotate the switch at Gringotts and crashed whenever I press a button. Its seems like a great game, but I cant play it.


Game is awesome but glitchy. I have to keep playing levels over and over because it will crash on my 6s and start me back at the beginning when I reopen the app. I hope they fix it soon because its extremely annoying to keep playing the same level repeatedly.

5 seconds in on an iphone7...

5 seconds into the game, I try to pen my bag and the game crashes. Ive tried 4 times and just keeps crashing. Ill give a 3 because Im sure its great and its just not updated for the 7 or the iOS but PLEASE fix. I paid 5 bucks for it and Id like to play it. Thank you

I want my money back! Game wont stop crashing

I bought this a few days ago and its become impossible to play. I cant even get past the first part before it crashes and I lose everything that I did. Opening up the setting/quest log makes it crash and when I go to Vernon to do the present thing, the quest log pops up and crashes the app. Doesnt matter if I press the satchel first. I have a 6s+ and have tried everything. All apps closed and soft reset, hard reset, uninstalling and reinstalling, uninstalling the app and hard reset and reinstalling. Up to date on software. Plugged into iTunes to try and download it there. IT STILL CRASHES.

Crashes immediately on iPhone 7

Giving it one star because I paid and cannot play since it crashes immediately upon moving the character. Looks fun, though.

Unusable on 6s

Like the reviews below, I too have found the game unusable on my 6s. It repeatedly crashes just after opening. Ive reinstalled a few times, but no luck. Avoid!

Cant play

Cant play on 6s/10 latest. Keeps crashing

I want my money back

The game crashes every 10 seconds. I keep having to repeat the parts over and over again and it is extremely annoying. I wish i could get my money back.

Love it but

It keeps crashing and needs to be fixed asap please

Zero ⭐️Review

Great, I love Harry Potter! However, cant even play a single second without it crashing. If by the prophecies of Trelawney progression may occur, please expect yet again - crash. There is not even an option to save the game manually, even a muggle can save there digital documents as a way of prevention. Do they need to provide us with clothing for freedom to play this game?


I was so excited to play this game on my iPhone 6s but then every time I access my knapsack it crashes!!!! PLEASE FIX


Keeps crashing

Massive glitch with new phones

I bought this game because it looked amazing. I greatly enjoyed the first five minutes of it. Then it glitched on my iPhone 6s and crapped out. Completely exited the game. No saved data, not even able to find Dudleys birthday presents. I can get to Vernon telling Harry to go find the presents, and then it dies and exits. This needs to be fixed or I want my money back, and I am going to be contacting the appstore customer service if this is not rectified. Because this game has problems. It needs to be updated to work with the new iPhones. I gave this game a 2 star rating, because it looks like a great game, I would love to play it, but I cant. And if I cant play it, then why should I pay for it and/or even have it on my phone? Please update this game to work with new phones.

Best game Ive ever played

Ive been playing video games for a long time now, the first LEGO game I played was Star Wars: The Complete Saga and it was fantastic. Now that Im much older now I found LEGO Harry Potter and knew I had to try it. Harry Potter is a huge part of my life and this game did not disappoint. I found no errors at all in the game. Everything is possible. I just reached 100% complete. Make sure to buy the hints in the store for it (in-game money). Anyone who says that they cant complete a task in a level is just doing it wrong as well so ignore those reviews. Great game and Id definitely recommend it to and LEGO or Harry Potter fan. Worth the $5 by far and Im getting years 5-7 now. Have fun!

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